At Taronga, we believe that wildlife and people can share this planet

Join us and enjoy a concert – or two – with a conscience! All proceeds from Twilight at Taronga go back into Taronga’s ongoing conservation work. You can lend further support by downloading the free Wildlife Witness smartphone app to help stop illegal wildlife trade – one of the biggest threats to the survival of many species including tigers, elephants, rhinos, sun bears and pangolins.

Taronga’s Mantra – For the Wild

For the wild
For its future
And it’s one you may not have contemplated before
One where the world’s wild animals don’t simply
Slip off the face of the earth, never to be seen again…

They make a comeback.
See, we believe that humans and animals can live together on this planet. That we can share it.
That they can survive, and even thrive in the wild.
But until that day comes we will be right there working towards it.

As a home
A school
A sanctuary
A nursery
A dating service
The first line of defence
And the last resort.
We are defenders, champions and ambassadors of the wild
And we’re on a mission that is of such critical importance it can’t be allowed to fail.

Put simply: We can’t let it.

Taronga - For the Wild

Yep, Twilight at Taronga is serious about sustainability! Our vision is to create a shared future for wildlife and people and we like to walk the walk as well as talk the talk in everything we do.

Here at Taronga, we’re working tirelessly, helping threatened species breed, protecting their genetic diversity and even re-introducing them to the wild. We’re committed to achieving sustainable outcomes and reducing environmental impacts in key areas of water, energy, waste, fleet management, property management and sustainable purchasing.

We’re striving to do our best for the planet at Twilight at Taronga… and you can help us too!

  • Reduce your carbon foot print. Catch public transport to Twilight and enjoy a FREE Twilight ferry home from Circular Quay or jump on an after show buses to Spit Junction. Check out all transport options here.
  • It’s cool to carpool: if you are driving, offer to car pool with your friends!
  • Reduce your waste. Twilight offers Biodegradable Hampers. All of the packaging used in the delicious gourmet hampers is completely biodegradable and helps us divert tonnes of waste from landfill. More info here
  • Recycle and help us keep the zoo clean and green! Take your rubbish with you or use the right bin for your rubbish on the night.
  • Drink tap water. Cut down on bottled water and use our free hydration stations which are located around the concert lawns

Twilight at Taronga is proudly presented by the Taronga Conservation Society of Australia (Taronga). For more information on Taronga’s conservation efforts visit