Wildlife Witness

Download and help now!

Twilight at Taronga are proud supporters of the Wildlife Witness App; the first global community action smartphone app in the fight against illegal wildlife trade.

The illegal wildlife trade is the fourth most lucrative transnational crime after drugs, arms and human trafficking and is worth $19 billion annually. Animals are being killed or taken from the wild around the world to be sold for medicines, luxury food, horns and other trophy parts, restaurant dishes, fashion items or pets.

Now you can be the eyes and the ears for wildlife by reporting what you see. The WILDLIFE WITNESS app is the first time the general public can join the fight against the illegal wildlife trade across South East Asia.

You never know when you may witness wildlife crime – markets and shops across South East Asia are hotspots for wildlife trade. The app is an easy tool that anyone can use to report incidents of wildlife crime.

How does the WILDLIFE WITNESS app work?

Use the app to photograph suspicious incidents of illegal wildlife trade including:

  • trapped or caged wildlife
  • animal products being sold in a market place
  • delicacies served in restaurants that may include illegally poached wildlife

Your report pins the exact location of an incident and these important details are then sent to TRAFFIC and analysed by a Wildlife Crime Data Analyst. Credible incidents are then referred to enforcement agencies for action.

How do I download the WILDLIFE WITNESS app?

The Wildlife Witness app is FREE and available for iPhone and Android. Search the App Store or Google Play and download WILDLIFE WITNESS today! Everyone knows someone who is travelling and can report what they see – download the Wildlife Witness app today and share with your friends and family. By using the app, we can help authorities catch poachers and end illegal wildlife trade.