Bjorn Again Cancellation Statement – Feb 6, 2019

Twilight at Taronga is happy to confirm that Bjorn Again will play their rescheduled show on Friday February 22.

This show replaces the Saturday February 2 show that was unfortunately cancelled at late notice by Bjorn Again after a band member become seriously ill and needed hospital treatment.

Ticketholders to the Sat Feb 2 Bjorn Again show can choose to attend the rescheduled show on February 22, or be given a full refund.

For those guests who are able to join us for the rescheduled show and had originally purchased hampers, we will be glad to provide you a new hamper to enjoy during the show. For those guests who did not have a chance to collect their Chillazy chair on the evening, you will be able to collect it on the night.

We know there has been some criticism of how the cancellation on February 2 was managed, and with the permission of Bjorn Again we are now able to release further details. Bjorn Again have said:


Dear Bjorn Again Fans,

We would like to explain the events that led to the cancellation of our show on SAT FEB 2nd at Taronga Zoo.

For a start, we feel it is a great honour and pleasure to perform at the Sydney Taronga Zoo Twilight Series. The Zoo admin and promotions office do a first class job and it’s always a joy to perform at such a spectacular setting and always to enthusiastic and ultra-responsive receptive audiences.

Cancelling shows is a last minute action and only after every option is considered. This is a very rare occurrence in the band’s 30-year history and we are deeply apologetic for the inconvenience this has caused. The last thing we would ever do is let down our long time loyal and amazing fans.

The band flew up from Melbourne Saturday morning in great spirits to perform 2 sell out shows SAT FEB 2 and SUN FEB 3. The band arrived at the venue for the soundcheck late afternoon as normal however our very popular and longtime ‘Frida’ Helen became violently ill with nausea, vomiting and dizziness. It came on suddenly and there was no prior indication that this would happen. We immediately suspected food poisoning, perhaps something she ate at the airport or on the plane. BA’s management and the Zoo management were immediately alerted. She was treated by first aid but her situation worsened. While waiting to see if her condition improved, BA’s Management tried to organise a replacement performer but could not be flown up from Melbourne in time for the show. Please note that BA have competent experienced understudies for each performer in the band.

About half an hour before stage time Helen’s condition deteriorated to the point where there was no way she could perform at all. At that point an ambulance was called. Band management considered performing the show with just 1 of the girls but felt this would compromise the quality of the show so decided against this action. It was decided to cancel the show and soon after an announcement was made to the audience.

On top of being very ill, Helen was completely distraught by a show having to be cancelled, which is a very rare occurrence for the band in its 30-year history. Helen joined Bjorn Again in 2002 and totally loves performing in the band. She is a professional talented performer and is held in high regard within the music industry and the BA camp.

In hospital Helen was treated for severe food poisoning. The medical staff advised that she could not perform the Sunday night Taronga show, so the understudy ‘Frida’ was flown to Sydney Sunday morning and the show went ahead as scheduled. Bjorn Again’s policy, as it should be, is that the health and welfare of its performers comes first and we trust everyone understands that. We are happy to advise that Helen is now much better and is near making a full recovery.

We trust all our fans understand that this was an extraordinary situation and that the decision to cancel a show was not made lightly and all options were considered.

We hope to see you all at a future Bjorn Again show.

John Tyrrell


After 24 years of Twilight at Taronga, our guests’ experience remain our ultimate priority. If there are any queries regarding tickets please contact Moshtix, and if there is any further information that you would like to address directly, please email us at