Concerts with a conscience!

Join us and enjoy a concert – or two – with a conscience!

Concerts with a Conscience

Australians love the great outdoors and we save a special place in our hearts for our oceans. From surf beaches to spectacular coral reefs, to Sydney Harbour which is the stunning backdrop for Taronga’s Twilight Concerts with a Conscience.

Despite it seeming like an endless ocean, marine debris is tarnishing our pristine beaches and waterways and we now estimate that third of all marine turtles have eaten plastic. So to help you enjoy yourself and help protect turtles at the same time, we are proud to bring you Concerts with a Conscious to reduce the impact of our collective plastic footprint on the ocean.

Here’s how it works:

  • All of our packaging is made out of 100% corn-starch based compostable material. We have implemented a unique waste stream that allows all compostable packaging to be turned into compost, including our unique 100% compostable food packaging, straws, cutlery, coffee cups and lids that are sold in our food outlets. You can help by ensuring you look for the right bin to dispose of your packaging.
  • Taronga uses 100% biodegradable paper based straws at both of our sites, which we compost with other packaging items. You can help by ensuring you look for the right bin to dispose of your packaging.
  • All Twilight Hampers contain no single use plastic items.
  • We are promoting the use of reusable bottles and provides free water refill stations, which will be available for you at the concerts. Please remember to bring an empty reusable bottle with you through security.
  • Our back stage area has been single use plastic free since 2015.

Plastic Pollution: It All Adds Up

Every piece of plastic ever created still exists somewhere.

It’s a scary thought, and a reminder of why it’s so imperative we all do what we can to reduce the amount of plastic we use.

Figuring out where to start can be tricky business, so we’ve developed a few turtley awesome tools to help you get on your way.

Why is it important to reduce our single-use plastic?

Marine Turtles are living dinosaurs. They have been living in our waters for as long as 100 million years. Six of the world’s seven species of marine turtle call Australian waters home, and they’re vital for the maintenance of sea grasses and coral reefs.

Marine Turtles are voracious eaters, and sometimes they mistake plastic for food.

But how does plastic get into the ocean?

8 million tonnes of plastic enters our ocean on an annual basis. It enters our waterways through the litter stream and through stormwater drains. This is set to increase – every 11 years the amount of plastic we’re producing doubles.  But we can stop plastic entering the ocean, by stopping it entering our own lives.

Often it can be difficult to contextualise the impact we’re each having as individuals, but if we all said ‘no’ to the big 4 single-use plastic items, we would have huge collective impact!

Subtract plastic from your life

Plastic is so integrated into our daily routines, it’s hard to know where to begin when it comes to reducing it. That’s why we’ve developed an impact calculator, to help you visualise the incredible difference you can make simply by changing a few habits.

Fortunately, there are reusable alternatives to almost every disposable product.

Our impact calculator will show you how many single-use items like take-away coffee cups, straws and bottles you can save from landfill or our environment every year, simply by swapping them for reusable alternatives.

One person can make a huge difference every single day when it comes to plastic pollution. If every person replaced disposable with reusable, these small actions add up to create a word of change for marine turtles and our oceans.

Try our impact calculator here.